Spotlight On: Balance in Boarding

At Marlborough College Malaysia we pride ourselves on our award-winning boarding programme, never more so than when we see our pupils thriving in a boarding environment. One essential aspect of our boarding programme is ‘Balance in Boarding’.


Balance is a key aspect to every pupil at the College, day or boarding. However, in boarding, our pupils have the facilities and opportunities of the College at their fingertips, able to both work hard and play hard in whatever discipline they choose: sport, music, drama and more. They are able to manage their time, split between academic study, co-curriculum and down-time, all of which are important to building a well-rounded, educated and adventurous pupil. 


We manage this balance through an in-house schedule which allows boarders to dedicate time to their prep with help from teachers during the week, as well as time to attend after-school activities, get fit in the gym, or go for a walk around the mile with their friends in other boarding houses. Our pupils are given a great amount of choice to attend clubs, or activities run by boarding houses. 


At weekends, the balance in boarding is never more evident. Pupils choose the activities they would like to take part in, whether it is a fun trip to a mall or theme park, or learning a new skill such as ice skating or baking. Our boarders are also able to stay on-site, either focussing on their prep, or going to the gym or swimming. The choices and balance we provide our boarders cultivates a culture of independence and self-reliance that is maintained throughout their time at MCM and beyond. 


“I live in a 50 bedroom house, on a 90-acre plot, with two swimming pools, my own football pitches, an athletics track, squash courts, a theatre, sports hall, a world class gym, tennis courts, a large lake for fishing and kayaking, a golf driving range, mountain biking and a climbing wall. I even have my own library…and to top it all, I am with my best friends everyday…


I’m a boarder at Marlborough College Malaysia!”



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