Rider’s Lodge: A boarding trip

On the 4th March, our boarding pupils took a trip to Riders Lodge Resort, a popular destination amongst our boarders as they are able to learn how to horse-ride.

The pupils spent the first morning learning about the parts of a horse and their characters. They also learnt how to groom a horse, feed them and how to put on the saddle and bridle. The groups rotated around a variety of activities and managed to get four good rides during the weekend.

Most of the time was spent in the outdoor paddock, learning the key skills needed to be safe on a horse and to control them using reins, legs and voice. We also had a ride out to admire the scenery and finished with a really fun gymkhana style race at the end, with teams riding horses and carrying eggs in spoons in a relay to win prizes. The pupils’ riding ability went from nervous novices to confident trotters and in the case of Tina, showing us how to canter in style. The final carrot feeding session was a lovely way to say goodbye to our new four-legged friends.

The food and accommodation was wonderful, the birds and natural surroundings were very relaxing and the resort atmosphere was calm and very friendly. The final leaving ceremony saw everyone departing with a certificate of achievement and a golden horseshoe. Special mentions were given to Ruth for being the ‘most humourous’, Ben for ‘most improved’ and Cedric for being the ‘most courageous’ riders of the weekend. All in all it was a tremendous learning experience and a wonderful break for all the pupils and Beaks who attended.

Written by Educational Visit Leader, Mr Lynden Astill

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