Prep School | Lent Term 2022 | Week 11

Dear Parents,

“You have this one, precious life and you alone can dictate the colourful resplendence of your mural”

Alexis Jones

Life at MCM is definitely back to ‘normal’, although I will suggest a new definition of this term, and I think ‘colourful resplendence’ is entirely appropriate. The ‘Marlborough Miles’ was a wonderful event to celebrate the Sultan’s birthday, followed swiftly by the triathlon this weekend. It was fabulous to see so many children and parents across the Prep taking part. And now we have the creative Spring Festival to look forward to with you all; Music, Art and Drama are all going to be celebrated on Saturday. The event starts at 4.00pm and we look forward to seeing many of you there.

Meanwhile this week, we have had a Star Wars inspired Science Week, Year 2 performance of ‘You are Special’, an inspiring 10th Anniversary Lecture, House cross country, a golf fixture, the Prep Piano Festival, Year 7 and 8 working with our Director in Residence, Kevin Tomlinson and Pre-Prep Young Scientist Day. This truly is a week of colourful resplendence.


Friends of MCM

Another warm thank you to our wonderful team of Ambassadors who held a Coffee Morning in Taylor House today. This included a really informative presentation on Nutrition by a team of staff from Kensington Green Hospital. We were reminded about the importance of a balanced diet for concentration and a positive attitude to learning and life. There was strong advice about meal frequency, balanced ingredients, variety of colours and intriguingly easy ways to check portions using just your hands as guides. We were also asked to remember that the most powerful lessons we share are those as role models: ‘The key to feeding a healthy family is to enjoy good food, believe in yourself and share that belief with your child’

Prep Outreach Spring Drink Sale Fundraiser  by Mrs Selvaraj (Head of Prep Outreach)

Prep Outreach will be hosting a “Spring Ice Lolly Sale” on Wednesday, 5th April, and Thursday, 6th April. It will be hosted in the Pre-Prep on Wednesday during the ‘Easter Egg Hunt’ and Thursday in the Prep School at the Art Cafe during lunchtime. Three ice lollies will cost RM5. All money raised from drink sales and throughout the year goes into the Outreach account; at the end of the summer term, the Charities Committee meets to determine the specific allocations to be given. Please accept my heartfelt gratitude in advance for your tremendous support.

Sports Update (Miss Laura Prentice, Head of Prep PE and Games)

This week we saw the Year 5 and 6’s take to the fields for the cross country event. A brilliant afternoon was had by all in hot, but rewarding, conditions. 

After the Easter break we will be introducing athletics into our games and PE programme to get ready for Sports Day. Pupils will have a touch/cricket and athletics session each week during their games time. Further details to follow in next week’s newsletter. 

Message from Mrs Cassidy and the Pre-Prep Team

The global theme of Science Week 2023 has been ‘connections’ and has made me think about how we connect with others, and particularly how we achieve this in school. We are so lucky in Pre-Prep to have close connections with parents on a daily basis. 1RR’s assembly, a funny take on the 80’s TV show Blind Date, also followed the theme of connections between people (or characters) and how we make decisions about each other often based on arbitrary information. It is so important that we take time to ask real questions and engage properly in the art of conversation, even in our busy lives. 1RR were a real joy to watch and clearly enjoyed themselves hugely.

Connecting through performance has been plentiful this week, starting with our amazing Year 2 performance of ‘You are Special’ on Wednesday morning. The Year 2 Performance was truly spectacular and I definitely needed some tissues for the moving solo pieces. The children really put their hearts into singing and performing beautifully and I could see so many proud faces amongst the parents. A massive thank you to the Year 2 Beaks and Teaching Partners for the commitment and hard work over the last few weeks – it really paid off.

Pre-Prep was also proudly represented by many of our talented pianists at the Piano Festival on Thursday evening. I was truly blown away by the courage and commitment of these pupils – thank you Kazuki, Mei, Tilda, Enxi, Jaxon, Matilda, Shuting and Elizabeth for entertaining and inspiring us.


“Living a different kind of life takes some guts and some grit and a new way of seeing things”

Bob Goff

I hope your weekend is full of colourful resplendence – MCM’s ‘normality’.


Kind regards,

Rachel Eaton-Jones 

Head of Prep School


The gentle reminders section, further details can be found here on the College website:

  • Saturday 1st April, 4:00pm start, 10th Anniversary A Spring Festival of Creative Arts
  • Monday 3rd April, 4:30pm to 5:30pm, Artefact to Art Exhibition, Year 5 to Year 8 pupils, Wykeham Hall
  • Wednesday 5th April, 5.00pm, Ski Trip Japan, departs MCM
  • Thursday 6th April, 3:30pm, Lent term ends 
  • Friday 7th April to Wednesday 26th April, Lent Holidays
  • Thursday 27th April, Summer term begins



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