MCUK Shell Exchange: Week 1

This Lent Term brings an exciting school trip for our Shell pupils as the MCUK Shell Exchange begins. This is a unique opportunity for our pupils to experience the UK environment, schools and culture that is provided only by our close connection with our sister school, MCUK. Over the half term break, Shell pupils from MCM and MCUK have been given the opportunity to exchange lives, moving to different climates, countries and continents for the two week trip.

Our MCM pupils arrived in London, staying a night to experience London life including a visit to the Natural History Museum and walking the parade route of the Royal Guards Division before heading to Wiltshire to get the Marlborough UK experience. Although the noticeable drop in temperature did concern our pupils, they got stuck into life as an MCUK pupil, attending classes, roaming the College grounds and living in the on-site boarding houses.

In the first week, our pupils learnt a new sport, ‘fives’, for which MCUK have a specialised court for the team game. One of our pupils also played in the U14 Basketball fixture against another school in the UK, winning the game 42-21. An excellent start to this exchange, with many more experiences for our Shell pupils yet to come.

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