JSAC Gymnastics Competition

On Friday 10th March, Johor Schools Athletic Conference (JSAC) met for an excellent gymnastics competition at Marlborough College Malaysia. Pupils from Tenby, Stellar International, Raffles American School, Sunway and Repton School joined the competition with our MCM pupils to compete in two disciplines; floor and vault.

Parents and staff joined the pupils, looking on from the bleachers as their children competed. As with any Gymnastics competition, there were multiple events in different age groups happening at once, U13 vault to the left, U9 floor routine to the right and warm ups in the centre, the competition was certainly as vibrant and energetic as ever.

The medal ceremony was awarded in age groups. Starting from the youngest competitors, the points were added from each of their disciplines to create a total for which a gold, silver and bronze medal would be awarded. In the Women’s Artistic Gymnastics (WAG) Introductions group, MCM gained all three medal positions, sharing third place with Raffles. In the WAG Beginner U9 and U13 Catagory, MCM saw similar success gaining all three medals for each.

In the WAG Novice Category, Stellar International gained gold, followed by MCM in silver and bronze positions. Finally in the most competitive category of Intermediate, for the U11s, Tenby won gold, with MCM in second and Stellar winning third place. For our U13s, a similarly tough competition saw Sunway win gold followed by MCM in silver and bronze.

Congratulations to all competitors in this wonderful JSAC gymnastics competition.

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