Johor International Student Leaders Conference: A pupil view

On Friday 24 February, we were honoured to be invited to the Johor International Student Leaders Conference organised in conjunction with the Ministry of Education. Bryan, Sara and I were invited to not only listen to inspirational speeches by the first Malaysian in space, Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor, but also present on pertinent global issues.

After lunch, we were given the opportunity to present on issues related to the conference topic “Revolutionising Sights: Reversing Stigmas”. In Conference Room 1, I presented on the end of democracy, focusing on the role of social media in democracy— discussing how the organisation of social media as a business means it is inherently prone to damaging democracy, while Bryan discussed the role of inequality and the digital divide in education. Sara presented in Conference Room 2, tackling the pressing issue of climate change.

We were all grateful for the opportunity to present in such a prestigious setting, and received personal feedback from the judges, some of whom were members of the Ministry of Education and other delegates from different organisations. Sara and I were honoured to be awarded the accolade of Best Paper Presenter in our respective rooms.

The three of us were exceptionally grateful to Mr Glynn and the Master, Mr Stevens, for providing us the opportunity to attend this distinguished event and would strongly encourage others to participate in future events run by the Johor Students Leaders Council.

-Elisa, Lower Sixth

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