CAS Charity Art Auction

On the evening of 20th March Marlborough College Malaysia’s CAS pupils hosted a CAS Charity Art Auction with the theme of “Sea life.” The auction took works of art donated by pupils in Years 7 and 8, and displayed in a silent auction for any parent, staff member or perhaps other student to purchase. All proceeds went to the local Jarra Beach Turtle Project on Tioman Island, helping to conserve turtle populations.

The paintings featured turtles, dolphins, koi and other marine life as well as some ocean-inspired pottery in deep shades of blue and green. The CAS element of this auction was led by Lower Sixth pupils Rui Eng, Emily, Mao, Chiara, Linda and Khardeeja, who each week came to the Prep School to help Year 7 and 8 Art pupils with paintings.

In total the auction had 27 incredible artworks, a live band and an atmospheric buzz of excitement and energy. At the end of the evening, the donations added up to over RM 16,000 thanks to the amazing support of our MCM community.

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