10th Anniversary Gala Concert

As part of our Tenth Anniversary, Marlborough College Malaysia hosted a Gala Concert, a celebration of musical talent and passion from pupils throughout the College. The Concert saw many of our pupils play a range of instruments, from violin to saxophone in a musical performance for the history books.

Beginning with our Pit Jazz Band led by Mr Chew, pupils played the bass guitar, violin, flute, drums and saxophone to create a wonderful Jazz rendition of music composed by Kosma, Van Morrison and Mancini. This was the perfect way to begin the evening, and eased the audience into a musical symphony of sounds.

The Jazz Band was followed by the Prep School Choir, accompanied on the piano by Rachel in Year 7 and flute by Audrey in Year 8. A wonderful performance by our Prep pupils as they sang ‘Circle of Friends’ by Morris Gray. The Senior Flute Trio and MCM Flute Choir performed next with some classical music from Pachelbel and Ostransky who were then followed by the Senior Jazz Quintet with three upbeat songs to finish the first half.

After canapés and drinks were served, the audience returned to their seats, eagerly awaiting the orchestral performances of the second half. Starting in excellent fashion, the MCM Symphony Orchestra played some more modern music, including the well-known Pirates of the Caribbean theme. The beautiful string quartet graced the audience’s ears next, playing some John Lennon and Karl Jenkins before our choirs took to the stage, joined by the Tenth Anniversary Chorus for some modern music from Coldplay and La La Land alike.

The evening ended with grateful applause, well earned, from our audience, as they left the College with music fresh in their minds, and smiles upon their faces.

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