The Big Draw 2023

In the final week before February Half Term, Marlborough College Malaysia hosted our annual Big Draw. This event sees pupils from throughout the College join the Art department in the Prep School to create one magnificent drawing as a community.

This year, the Prep Art Cafe, Art room, walls and even sofas were covered in white paper, and each pupil was given a black sharpie with which to draw whatever came to their minds. Truly starting with a blank canvas, over the course of the week the white paper filled up with drawings from pupils throughout the School.

Once completed, the Art Room and Prep Art Cafe were unrecognisable, with marks from all pupils decorating the walls, floor and furniture. Clear umbrellas now covered in drawings adorned the area and smudges of black ink could certainly be seen on the hands of our Prep pupils. Another excellent Big Draw, a huge well done to all who took part in this truly transformative challenge.

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