Prep House Netball and Rugby Matches LT2023

In the first week of February, Years 3 to 6 took to the pitches and courts for another round of House matches. House Netball and Rugby, once again, could be seen played throughout the College as house colours turned the College multicoloured.  


Run over the course of two days, the matches concluded on Thursday 2nd and the scores were in. For our House Rugby, the lower years only played friendly matches, so were not scored, however our Year 5 and 6s played competitively. After a close competition, Merlin took the gold, followed by Hunt in second. 


A similar story for netball as players made some exceptional goals, and truly got into the House spirit. For the Year 3 and 4 games Chichester reigned victorious, working hard to win their games. For the Year 5 and 6 games, Hunt placed 3rd, Merlin in a very close second and in these matches Seymour took the crown. 


Congratulations to Chichester, Seymour and Merlin, and a big well done to all who played in these House matches.


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