FoMCM Digital Awareness Coffee Morning

On Friday 3rd February, Friends of MCM hosted a wonderful coffee morning for those in the community, educating them on digital awareness for their children, and some of the risks involved with pupils’ devices.

With coffee and cookies in hand, parents listened to our Head of Digital Learning, Mr Ogilvie, give an overview of some of the dangers of mobile phones, how to help your children have a healthy relationship with their devices and some interesting statistics about how much social media and our devices really impact our lives.

Parents then split into breakout groups led by Head of Wellbeing, Ms Ngakane, Deputy Head Pastoral, Mr Gough and Head of Computer Science, Mr McDiarmid. In these groups parents further discussed the effects devices have on their children and how best to combat this in a healthy environment.

Sessions such as these are growing in importance for parents over the past few years. As the influence of social media grows, and devices become a more important part of a child’s life, workshops such as this provide a platform for information and question sharing about media awareness.

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