Confessions (and regrets) of an OM: Terence Tan

On 31st January Marlborough College Malaysia welcomed OM Terence Tan for the fifth of our 10th Anniversary Lecture series. Interviewed by Senior Prefects, Sora and Wafie, Mr Tan gave an interesting recollection of his time at Marlborough College UK and how it led him to pursue a range of careers from snowboard instructor to lawyer.

Mr. Tan attended Marlborough College UK in the 1980s, leaving in 1989 to study Law at the University of Kent. From there, he worked his way up the legal chain, starting business ventures in the hospitality business at the same time. Upon reflection of his time at MCUK, Mr Tan posed words of wisdom to our Senior Prefects and audience of boarders. He stated pupils should recognise that “it is an incredible privilege to be at Marlborough” so “take the opportunities that you have”.

Whilst taking the audience through the journey of his life, the mistakes he made and the lessons learnt, Mr Tan touched on various choices made and ventures taken. From opening successful restaurants in Bangkok and Bali, to getting involved in Singaporean politics, the audience was truly taken aback by the scope of activities that Mr Tan had experienced over his varied life.

Ending with questions from the audience, Mr Tan discussed a range of topics from his career as a lawyer to the food choices at MCUK in the 1980s. Overall, this was a brilliant evening with Mr. Tan, an OM who clearly has a great wealth of knowledge and wisdom to share with our pupils.

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