CAS Sungai Melayu Concert: A pupil view

On the 6th February, our CAS group were proud to welcome guests to the Sungai Melayu CAS Concert. Guests were treated to a series of performances by the Sungai Melayu School children, who showcased what they’ve learnt from our weekly Sunday music lessons, alongside guest performances by Dr Tomlinson, Tina and Elisa.

As part of our CAS project, our group has taught the children of Sungai Melayu School piano, singing and percussion. The children have been working hard since September 2022 and have made tremendous progress, as shown by their remarkable performance at the concert.

From the concert and other charity sales, we are proud to have raised over 1800RM which has been used to purchase Sungai Melayu School a variety of music equipment to support their continued musical journey. So far we have donated 9 djembes, and several kompangs, as requested by their teachers.

We are extremely grateful for Mr Avle for all the support in running the event and throughout the course of the project— and also for kindly donating a guitar and ukulele to the school. We would also like to thank Miss Lowles, Miss Mottram, Mr Leach, and Mr Watkins for all their support in organising the event and making the concert such a success. Most importantly, of course, we would like to extend our gratitude to the staff of Sungai Melayu School who allowed us to come every week to share our passion for music and to the pupils for participating so enthusiastically during our weekly classes.

Written by Elisa, Tina, Janika and Anastasiya

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