Cambridge Asia British Parliamentary (CABP) Junior Championship: A pupil account

On February 11th and 12th 2023, it was an honour for the members of the MCM Debating Society to compete in the Cambridge Asia British Parliamentary Junior Championship. This virtual event is hosted annually by the Cambridge Union Society and Learning Leaders and includes teams from across South East Asia.

The British Parliamentary format consists of four distinct roles: Opening Government, Opening Opposition, Closing Government and Closing Opposition. The motions and speaker roles were announced 15 minutes prior to the competition. Some of the motions included:

“This House wants to introduce racial quotas for healthcare professionals.”
“This house regrets the automation of jobs previously performed by humans”
“This house believes that governments should not fund space exploration.”

Additionally, debaters had 15 minutes to prepare for our speech and an honour system was applied whereby we were not allowed to use the internet to do any research. After debaters had made their points, pupils received feedback given by each individual judge, and we were then given our scores via an online tabulation system.

For the MCM Debating Society, it was an exciting new experience for some of us and we were more than delighted to gain new knowledge from this competition. Not only did we gain extra feedback from the vastly experienced judges from different countries, but also we had the opportunity to meet new friends from all over Asia and learn from each other. Moreover, my teammate and I had come first in two of the preliminary rounds which made us feel overjoyed.

In short, the members of the Debating Society strongly feel that the CABP junior competition was a superb experience and we hope to apply our new knowledge to compete in upcoming matches.

Written by Sarah, Remove

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