TOK 2022 Round-Up

In the last Theory Of Knowledge (TOK) lesson before the Christmas break, our Lower Sixth IB pupils took part in a festive ‘speed dating’ event to discuss a range of Knowledge Questions from the Areas of Knowledge that they have studied this term.

In a series of rounds they considered questions such as ‘what is the role of imagination and intuition in the creation of hypotheses in the natural sciences?’. ‘Are the arts best seen as a system of knowledge, a type of knowledge, or a means of expressing knowledge?’. And ‘are the methods used to gain knowledge in the human sciences “scientific”?’.

After each discussion students had to ‘rate their date’ as a form of peer assessment.


“10/10 great conversation about the arts and how it is intrinsic to humans and usually does not come out well in words. My partner is strong in arts TOK.”

“They were very opinionated and had quite interesting knowledge. As a TOK match I was able to learn much from her.”

“Great partner. Brought up great points in the conversation which flowed. I enjoyed talking back and forth with him. He is a confident TOK speaker.”


This was a brilliant event to help consolidate pupils’ TOK knowledge gained throughout the school year so far.

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