Lunar New Year 2023

In the week leading up to Lunar New Year, Marlborough College Malaysia hosted two assemblies in celebration. Both the Prep and Senior Chinese departments held an elaborate performance for pupils to display their talent and respect for tradition.

The Senior School held their performance on Wednesday 18th. This included a dragon dance, poem recital, two fan dances and many traditional songs. Performers wore traditional dress and handed out the red packages containing chocolate money to the audience.

The Prep performance was similar, however was accompanied by audience participation. Throughout the assembly, Prep pupils were asked questions about what they had learnt that week such as “why is fish a traditional part of a Lunar New Year meal?” or “why is red worn?”. Many hands shot up as pupils were desperate to answer in order to be gifted a small red packet containing chocolate coins.

Both assemblies truly highlighted the respected traditions often seen around the time of Lunar New Year. A huge ‘well done’ to all the pupils who participated and to our Chinese department for all their efforts in organising these wonderful events.

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