House Rugby: Lent Term

The Lent term brings with it the fresh promise of House competitions. This week saw the House Rugby and House Netball for Year 7 to Shell take place. House Rugby began early on Tuesday 17th as pupils made their way down to the pitches for some fierce competition.

Shell played rugby touch, a different form of the sport which allows them to build up the confidence and technique to play Under 18s contact rugby later in the College. The teams played some brilliant rugby, with some excellent tries from Shell and great teamwork across the competition.

Ultimately Apollo House triumphed in the Shell competition, with the other Houses unable to break through their line. Cheers erupted as they scored a try seconds before the whistle, rising to victory. The lower years who played the contact form of the sport had an equally tight competition playing friendly matches with each other, even mixing Houses for a spot of sporting fun.

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