House Netball: Lent Term

In the second week of this Lent Term, our first House Netball matches of 2023 began. Year 7 to Shell took to the courts for a morning of sport, the result of which would be added to their House totals at the end of the year.

Playing in high-five netball teams, the pupils competed in their Houses for victory. The girls all played excellent matches, using their fiery competitiveness, skill and speed to score goal after goal. After two mornings of play, the final scores were announced.

In the lower years, Merlin reigned victorious followed closely by Seymour. Chichester and Hunt, though scoring some excellent goals, brought up the rear. In the all-important Shell matches, Wallace led the group followed by our boarders in Artemis House and finally Butler.

Well done to all who played in this week’s excellent House Netball, and a special congratulations to Merlin and Wallace Houses.

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