Seymour Charity Sale MT2022

In the final weeks of the Michaelmas Term, Seymour House held a bookmark sale in an effort to raise money for our Outreach charities. An overwhelming success, the sale saw a range of four bookmarks sold to pupils, parents and staff alike. The bookmarks were based on our four Prep Houses, Seymour, Hunt, Merlin and Chichester.


The idea started when Alanna, a Year 6 pupil, created some House themed bookmarks. Our Year 8 Pengawas took that idea and enhanced the images using some amazing artwork which their peers created. Seymour Pengawa, Jo, assembled a team of artists and enthusiastic Year 8 pupils who helped design, print, trim and assemble the bookmarks. Our Prep Outreach Pengawas kindly offered to sell the bookmarks alongside the candy cane sale and offered their support throughout the event. 


“Seymour charity day was fantastic! We raised 1225 RM from the sale of our bookmarks. First the House Captains and Outreach Pengawas had a meeting to plan how to execute our roles. We got assistance from our friends to help design the bookmarks; meanwhile the Outreach Pengawas planned the size of the bookmarks. After that, it was time for the most tedious process of ‘cutting’.  This was time consuming but it was all worth it! Overall this was a unique experience not just for myself but to the people who helped out and was a fun project.” 

Jo, Year 8 – Seymour House Pengawa


It was an excellent event and an inspiring performance from our Year 8 pupil leaders who have shown their ability to work collaboratively for a common positive outcome.

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