Malaysia vs Pakistan: A Football Collaboration

Marlborough College Malaysia had the privilege of hosting Aitchison College Pakistan, a fellow British International School in Asia. Aitchison College came to MCM to play our Football team for a fun and friendly competition, however, they also stayed to play a JSAC game with four other schools in the region for a Malaysia vs Pakistan game.

This wonderful international event was arranged by our Sports Department and provided MCM players with the opportunity to compete at a high level against other excellent schools in Asia. In the first game, which was MCM vs Aitchison College, the players drew 1-1; after a strong start from Aitchison, MCM played well and scored in the last half.

The second game was a JSAC collaboration of MCM, Raffles, Repton and Crescendo who all nominated two or three of their best players to play together as one team against Aitchison. The game was close with both teams evenly matched. The final score was 1-1 once again, however the challenge for both teams was certainly a thrill that drove them to try their hardest. Congratulations to all the players from JSAC and Aitchison for a wonderful round of games.

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