IGCSE Devised Performance 2022

On the 30th November IGCSE pupils began their Devised Performance as part of their IGCSE Drama qualification. This challenge was approached with determination to create a dramatical masterpiece and this was quite achieved. 


The final performance featured two groups with different concepts: one focused on movement, and the other a lighter retelling of historical tales. The first performers, Mishel, Audrey, Lois and Jae Ann, explored the objectification of women’s bodies and the personal emotions linked to this. Through a series of short speeches and movement, the group communicated the persistent mental toll this objectification has on young teenagers. It was a moving performance which left the audience truly thinking about the effects of their language towards others. 


The second performance by Amelia, Dylan, Avelyn and Julia was paradoxically different, taking the form of a historical retelling of events of the 1600s in England. The light-hearted, comedic sketch retold the story of the bubonic plague, King Charles’ regency and the Great Fire of London. Laughter erupted from the audience throughout the performance, a true show of a play well-written and excellently performed.

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