FoMCM Coffee Morning: University Guidance

As many University applications are being submitted by Upper Sixth this month, it is time to prepare parents of future pupils on the lengthy process of selecting and applying for university. 


The Friends of MCM have helped this process by inviting parents to a coffee morning with guest speaker Ms Moody, Head of Careers and University Guidance. Ms Moody discussed with parents how the process of university applications works around the world, and answered any questions they had. Focusing on UK and USA applications, Ms Moody guided parents on the process and common problems pupils may encounter whilst writing their personal statements or selecting the right university or course for them.


Her presentation* covered how to ensure your child has the best chance of getting accepted into the university of their choosing, including the importance of co-curricular as well as academic success. Parents then had the opportunity to ask further questions before enjoying a coffee and a chat with other parents, Friends or Ms Moody about the presentation. 


*Parents can find a copy of the presentation on the parent portal

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