Christmas Shoebox Collection 2022

Our annual Christmas shoebox collection has returned to MCM once again this Michaelmas Term as we ask pupils to donate a shoebox full of Christmas gifts for orphanages and refugee schools in the area. This year pupils have outdone themselves managing to amass  a total of 310 shoeboxes for donation to seven different centres. 

These boxes are filled with practical gifts such as toothpaste, toothbrushes or shower products, but also contain more exciting presents such as Christmas sweets, toys or colouring books. This year, the shoeboxes went to the following orphanages or refugee schools around the Johor area, many of which were hand delivered by our pupils:


St Christopher Church (less fortunate local children) : 59 boxes

Amitabha Orphanage and caring Centre: 27

Villa Paul’s Home (orphanages)  : 30

Puspanesam Home (orphanages) : 25

Rotary Home (orphanages) : 20

Barkat Community Home (orphanages): 25

Cahaya Bakti Refugee School : 124 


A huge thank you to all the pupils who donated a box. It will be a wonderful Christmas gift for less fortunate children.


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