Boarders’ Christmas Supper

The 13th December brought around the annual Boarders’ Christmas Supper, a wonderful event for our boarders to get ready for the festive season and their Christmas holidays. This evening, organised by our excellent team of Graduate Assistants, centred around a 1920s Christmas, with a black and gold colour scheme, lots of feathers and black tie suits.

Boarders came dressed in impeccable style, ready for an evening of festive fun. After many pictures in the photo booth, pupils began the evening with their MC, Mr. Leech. As the evening progressed, boarders heard two wonderful performances from Sora on the violin before some excellent games of ‘heads and tales’ from which much laughter erupted.

Dinner was a Christmas feast ending in a Yule Log for each table to share. The evening concluded with a superb rendition of The Twelve Days of Christmas, each table belting out their assigned day.

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