Year 8 Specialist Workshops

Year 8 has been working hard on skills outside the classroom this week. They have been in specialist workshops for first aid and peer mentoring, guided by MCM’s Health Centre and Wellbeing team. 


Pupils had two periods for each workshop over a two week period, learning how to perform life-saving CPR safely and effectively, practising on a CPR doll model. Nurse Rak taught Year 8 the key signs of someone needing CPR, then demonstrated the correct technique the pupils should use in a real-life situation. Nurse Rak also taught the pupils how to use a triangle bandage to help heal a multitude of wounds. 


Ms. Ter, the MCM College Counsellor, led a wellbeing session teaching pupils how to be peer mentors to their friends and others. This workshop taught pupils how to make sure their fellow classmates and others are okay by asking them questions and using peer mentoring techniques to help their wellbeing. 


The workshops will provide pupils with skills that will help them throughout their lives on topics that are essential to their broader education. 

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