The Power of Song | Senior School

On the 15th October, Marlborough College Malaysia music rang through the halls once again as our Power of Song performance began. This show, led by music teacher, Mr Chiew, and Music Director, Mr Watkins, saw pupils across a range of year groups performing and participating in an impressive musical ensemble. 


After welcoming a large audience of parents, staff, day and boarding pupils, the evening began. The MCM Jazz and Pit Band started the event with a wonderful rendition of Autumn Leaves, introducing their talent and passion for music as an accompaniment to the many singers. 


The Senior School Choir then began the singing, dressed in classic stage black, their voices harmonised exquisitely, perfectly displaying the talent of our MCM pupils. A series of soloists then performed songs by Ulcacus and Anderson, Lin-Manuel Miranda and Conan Gray, all accompanied by their peers on violins, drums, piano, cello and more. 


After a brief interlude and refreshments, the show resumed with more soloists, culminating in a finale by the Senior School Choir accompanied by the MCM Jazz and Pit Band with a rendition of Seasons of Love. A wonderful evening of incredible musical talent and passion that left the audience with Larson’s moving piece still echoing in their ears.

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