Sungai Melayu Outreach Charity Day

Wellbeing and Outreach are key elements of life here at Marlborough College Malaysia, and this Michaelmas Term, pupils have hosted Sungai Melayu School, one of our chosen Outreach charities, for an afternoon of educational fun. Sungai Melayu School is located in the Kampung just five kilometres away from MCM. We have had a close relationship with the school over the years, helping through donations, workshops and refurbishments to further the education of their pupils. 


Over the course of the Michaelmas term so far, Outreach pupils Janika and Elisa have run a stationary drive throughout the College encouraging pupils to donate any old or new stationary. After an excellent effort by the pupils of MCM, Outreach were able to donate over 20 individual stationary packs for the children, two large boxes of stationary and various educational tools such as maps, posters and mathematical tools. 


In addition to this, Outreach pupils also hosted Sungai Melayu School for an afternoon of scientific fun, using microscopes and bunsen burners, wearing lab coats and goggles. Learning how to test for different chemicals in the chemistry labs was a great educational experience for the Sungai Melayu students. At the end of the day, Outreach pupils presented the school with a cheque for 9000 RM which MCM has fundraised over the past year. This will provide Sungai Melayu School with equipment such as new cameras, televisions and better wifi, ultimately fulfilling the aim of providing their students with a better education. 

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