Slava’s Snow Show

Our Drama and Theatre pupils were treated to an excellent performance on the 6th November, visiting the world famous Slava’s Snow Show in Singapore. The trip was open to all Drama and Theatre pupils who wanted to experience the truly magical wonder of the interactive Snow Show, an educational experience of what drama and theatre can really accomplish.

There were glowing reviews from the pupils who attended, telling of the joy and wonder it brought to their IB and IGCSE courses, experiencing drama in a completely different way.

“On 6th November, we went to Singapore to watch the Slava Snow Show. With the holiday approaching, it was the perfect show to watch. Like entering a whole new world, white paper confetti blasted and snowed down while clowns on stage entertained the audience. The clowns looked so shy in their green overcoats and long ear flaps which made us all laugh.

Comedy was a big part of the show which the actors portrayed to perfection. Although they didn’t interact directly with us, I still had fun watching others’ experiences. It felt like we as an audience were a part of the show as well. At the end of the show, bright colourful balls filled the audience seats. Everyone was filled with joy and laughter, having the time of their lives. It was an absolute dream to watch.” – Avelyn, Hundred



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