Remove and Hundred Social

On Friday 4th November the Sixth Form Prefects organised a social for Remove and Hundred pupils with the theme as ‘come dressed as the first letter of your name.’ These socials run throughout the year and act as great team building evenings, as well as providing an excellent opportunity for any new pupils to get to know their fellow classmates outside a typical school environment.  


The Remove and Hundred did themselves very proud with their creative costume ideas. Costumes ranged from Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles to characters from Star Wars and Harry Potter. The best dressed winners in Remove were Riho as Rudolf the red nosed reindeer and Waylon as a woman and in Hundred Yurika as Yzma and Shunsei who stole the show with his Steven Hawking outfit complete with electronic voice and wheelchair. 


The Prefects also did a sterling job, as always, of organising a variety of activities. MCs Ruben, the referee, and Sora, Stephen Curry, called the shots and energised the party. While Oreo Olly, span some epic tunes on the dance floor. Angel Angelina and E-boy Eshaan organised the limbo while Harry the Horse won musical chairs. A spontaneous giant conga, led by our own Steven Hawking, was the highlight of the night. The evening drew to a close with our charity raffle from wrestler William and Axel the Apple technician and of course there was the obligatory karaoke. Much fun was had by all!

Written by Justine Tomlinson, Head of Sixth Form 

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