Prep Learning Showcase MT2022

On Thursday 17th November, parents were treated to a wonderful Learning Showcase by pupils throughout the Prep School. This is an opportunity for parents to view their child’s work throughout the Michaelmas Term so far in subjects such as art, languages, science and English. 


This year, parents were also able to see their child’s development in Physical Education, viewing a special gymnastics showcase with pupils across the year groups. Enabling parents to see their child’s learning and progress in a range of subject areas is of great importance in order to understand where they best excel, and where they need help. Discussing this with form tutors and subject teachers is a helpful and essential element of a child’s education and progression at MCM. 


Parents took part in workshops exploring ‘Positive Behaviour Management’, sharing top tips and strategies for developing strong relationships and responsibility. Parents identified that they all shared similar ambitions for their children; to become generous, resilient and respectful young adults. They were reassured as they shared highlights and some of the challenges in developing these excellent qualities.

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