Prep Academic Decathlon

Over the past two weeks, the Pre Prep and Prep schools have been participating in a particularly exciting house challenge: the Academic Decathlon. This is a 10-part event consisting of a series of activities in and out of the classroom in a true battle of the houses.

Challenges such as the ‘Mega Marlborough Maths Challenge’ and the House Quiz tested pupils’ academic prowess and general knowledge, whereas the House Tug of War and Puppy Hash focused on sporting ability and strength. There was also an artistic competition in which pupils came up with a design for their houses as well as the notorious House Shout. This Decathlon tested the all-round ability of pupils who competed in their houses for the ultimate glory of being the winners for the 2022/23 academic year.

On Saturday 15th, the House Decathlon came to a fantastic conclusion as parents, beaks, pupils and the Master joined together for the House Quiz and Tug of War in a brilliant show of house spirit. Art competition entries and Maths Challenge results were displayed around the Wykeham Hall for all pupils and parents to admire.

The wonderful morning saw the hash for the Prep and Pre Prep pupils, in perfect weather of a little rain, nice and warm and with a double rainbow high in the sky. Pupils ran through the College grounds following a trail of paper in true Beagle Hash style. The event then moved on to the House Quiz testing subject specific and general knowledge, before the final Tug of War competition. Cheers from this could be heard throughout the College as pupils competed in this good old-fashioned competition.

A huge well done to all the pupils who came to compete in these fun challenges for their house, and who will now wait for the eagerly anticipated results announced at the end of the Michaelmas term.

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