International Awards For Our IGCSE Pupils

Following a set of outstanding IGCSE results this summer, Marlborough College Malaysia is delighted to announce that five of our pupils have achieved an Outstanding Pearson Learner Award. These coveted awards are given to pupils who achieve the highest mark in the country/region or even the world in a given subject, displaying exceptional academic achievement. 


Five of our pupils have achieved such success, three for scoring the highest mark in Malaysia and two who have been awarded the highest mark in the world for their chosen subject. Covering the arts, science and humanities, IGCSE pupils at Marlborough College Malaysia have exceeded all expectations to gain international recognition of their academic success. 


Alexander achieved the highest mark in Malaysia for GCSE Music, joined by Bing for GCSE Art and Design: Photography and Keith who achieved success in International GCSE Geography. Two of our pupils were awarded the prestigious ‘highest mark in the world’ accolade; Elisa excelled in her GCSE Computer Science as did Rui for International GCSE History.  


Competing against thousands of other applicants over the globe, Marlborough College Malaysia pupils have outdone themselves once again to win these prestigious awards.

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