Debating Society 2022

During Michaelmas term, a new and exciting team has formed at Marlborough College Malaysia: the Debating Society. Reflecting a classic British debating club, the debating team will compete in region-wide competitions discussing a range of philosophical, political and international topics. Led by English teacher and Head of TOK, Mr. Tapp, the Debating Society competed in their first debating competition on October 12th in Singapore.  


“On October 12th, 2022, we were fortunate enough to have been able to gather 24 new debaters to resume our annual fixture against Tanglin Trust School in another friendly debating competition. 


The motion was: ‘This House Believes That It Is Morally Permissible to Consume Art Regardless of the Artist’s Background’. Thought-provoking and challenging, MCM’s debate team channelled their burning spirit almost every lunchtime to prepare and practise their arguments. Despite only a few members having experienced the real setting of a debating competition, members of the debating society conducted extensive research into organising their speeches according to different roles: first, second and third speakers.


This camaraderie continued on the bus, where even the technicalities of customs did not hinder the discussions that occurred in between intervals of crossing the borders between Singapore and Malaysia. For many of us, the process was refreshing and paved the way for more debating matches in the near future.


The matches kicked off in different rooms with one proposition and one opposition team each, represented by both schools. The judges, including teachers and senior students, were assigned to each room, facilitating the debate. Tension spread through the corridors as heated discussions sparked in every room but all participants maintained a respectful manner.  


The after-party then saw group and individual feedback given by each judge, as well as clicks of camera shutters and instagram usernames being exchanged as a result of new friendships formed between the two schools. To put the cherry on top, MCM students enjoyed dinner at a hawker centre nearby, filling their stomachs with a variety of dishes ranging from freshly baked pizza to Korean fried chicken, adding much to their rewarding experience.


For many of us, the process was refreshing and paved the way for more debating matches in the future as MCM looks forward to expanding its fixtures list.”


Singapore report written by Amelia (L6)


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