Business/DT Collaboration: A Pupil’s Perspective

Late last month, our Business Studies class (11-3) visited the Design & Technology department to learn more about how technology impacts production.  We were curious to learn about two types of technology, specifically Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM). We wanted to learn the advantages and disadvantages of CAD/CAM machines and how it worked to help production in business products. 


While we were there, Mr Tay (Senior DT Technician) explained that CAD has the advantage of being more precise and cheaper than hand drawing designs. We learned that these designs made by a CAD programme can be sent to CAM machines that produce 3D products. The CAM machines run constantly on repetitive tasks making it less time consuming and less wasteful.


However, there were some downsides to CAD/CAM machines, such as they could fail at any time leading to production losses, can be expensive to set up and they have to be maintained regularly. Evaluating our trip to the DT department, we realised that on the whole, CAD/CAM machines reduced effort and saved time to produce accurate products quickly.


At the end of the tour, we received mini dinosaur keychains produced by the CAD/CAM machines as a souvenir. It was a wonderful experience, an example of cross-curricular collaboration which we all thoroughly enjoyed. A big thank you to Mr Tay and Mr Davenport for taking their time to show us around and to Mrs Kinghorn for arranging the visit. 


Written by Deeksha (Hundred)

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