A Night of Macabre | Senior School

On the 18th October, Marlborough College Malaysia once again enjoyed a superb evening of drama excellence performed by three IB Literature and Performance pupils. Entitled ‘A Night of Macabre’, the evening saw short scenes of Oedipus adapted by Shell pupils as an introduction to the evening, leading to a superb short play of Frankenstein performed by three IB pupils. 


The evening began with refreshments outside the theatre, surrounded by Shell drama pupils performing a series of movements inspired by the story of Oedipus. As the audience moved indoors, the lights dimmed, eerie music played and hush fell over the Theatre. 


The performers began, working their way through the scenes of Frankenstein for the audience. Adapted by the pupils, Frankenstein featured three actors, each playing their part to create a truly moving and creative experience. Appreciative applause greeted the actors as the performance came to an end, truly earned by our IB pupils. 


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