10th Anniversary Lecture Series | The Good, The Bad and the Very Bad with Diana Fox Carney

As part of our 10th Anniversary Lecture Series, Marlborough College Malaysia welcomed Diana Fox Carney and her lecture on climate change. Diana is an Old Marlburian who attended in the 1980s, and has gone on to become an economics and public policy expert, focusing on energy and climate change. 


She began her lecture with a discussion of the positive effect renewable energy is having on the international community. The decrease in prices of renewable energy and the world-wide commitments made to net-zero emissions are factors that even 20 years ago were hard to fathom. However, although great strides have been made towards a more sustainable future, is it enough?


As Diana explains, no, it is not. The ‘bad and the very bad’ certainly outweigh the marginal success we have made so far. She discusses the devastating effects of climate change, particularly in regards to the temperature change effect. Flooding, sea level rises, habitat destruction and more are the potential effects for significant global temperature rises of up to 2 degrees celsius. 


Diana also discussed the importance of biodiversity, and gave examples where the delicate balance is threatened, for example the melting of polar ice, the collapse of the Gulf Stream and the thawing of permafrost releasing large amounts of methane into the atmosphere. 


The evening ended on a slightly lighter note with questions from the audience addressing the need for urgent actions and questioning to what extent the onus of climate change reduction can be placed on regular individuals as opposed to big businesses and governments. 


The evening concluded, and the audience departed with many thought provoking ideas fresh in their minds, and a renewed desire to fight climate change and make a difference.

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