Sixth Form Skills Saturday

On Saturday 8th October the Sixth Form students took part in various workshops to help advance their study skills that are required as part of the Diploma Programme. Pupils were given guidance and time to develop their skills.

The Lower Sixth started their morning with a presentation by Mrs. Jerling on positive mentality. As new IB pupils, some Lower Sixth have been anxious about the step up from IGCSE to IB. Pupils were reminded that, in order for them to be successful, a positive outlook is required and to focus on their many strengths, rather than their weaknesses.

After this first presentation, Mr. Oglive provided guidance on how they can use their Google Calendars more effectively to match up the tasks they have to do and the time available to do it. Mrs. Tolba then shared some effective self management systems that the pupils could be using when studying.

Another essential element of the IB Diploma is understanding referencing. The MLA referencing system is used at MCM to ensure that pupils are equipped with the tools necessary to be academically honest in the work produced. This also began the groundwork required for the Extended Essay and Internal Assessments that will be introduced later this year.

An external speaker from Lanterna Education gave a presentation on ‘Studying Smart and Keeping Calm’. This was an interesting perspective from someone who had recently completed their IB, and was able to draw on personal experiences to answer questions and help pupils. The morning finished with a rotation of Wellbeing workshops. Mr. Avle led a rhythmic djembe drumming session, Dr. Tomlinson explored communication skills through drama while Mrs. Tomlinson ran a session on the important life skill of sewing which will lead to some decorative bunting for the Marlburian.

These sessions were planned after receiving feedback from each year group on the Approaches To Learning (ATL) skills that the pupils felt they wanted more support on and future sessions on ATLs they would like further guidance with will be arranged.

Written by Justine Tomlinson, Head of Sixth Form

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