IB Theatre Performance

Over the first half of the Michaelmas Term, three Sixth Form students – Hilda, Annie and Nalini – have been writing and directing a short performance as part of their IB Drama course. The pupils based their performance on the recent news coming from Afghanistan and about the experiences of women there.


The performance told the stories of three real Afghan women, all of whom died at the hands of Taliban brutality. The performers guided the audience through the transition women faced when the Taliban came into power, restricting their freedoms further, and inflicting punishment on those who did not abide by the new laws. 


The use of movement, light and sound in addition to the powerful script written by pupils culminated in a striking performance. Afterward, the performers asked questions to the audience about their use of certain props, lighting, dress and movement and what all of this ultimately communicated to the audience. Pupils and beaks answered the questions in a thoughtful manner, describing their interpretation of the piece as powerful and thought provoking. 


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