Year 1 Culture Trip 2022

On 14th September Year 1 ventured out of the school site for the first time this year, visiting a Malaysian cultural village experience. The trip was a brilliant opportunity for pupils to learn more about Malaysian culture and heritage in a fun and exciting way. 


To begin the day, pupils were treated to roti canai and teh tarik or ‘pulled tea’. The tea was certainly a highlight for pupils who were able to pour their own ‘tea’ (water was used instead) to drink. After a masterclass with the chef, Year 1 were truly experts in making teh tarik. 


With full stomachs and happy faces, pupils proceeded to batik painting. Learning about its origins and how it is made, they were able to paint the ink over a previously painted pattern. Using brightly coloured inks, pupils painted wonderful batiks that they then took home at the end of the trip. 


Finally, children were treated to a traditional Malaysian dance class. With a positive attitude, children went on stage to try some dance moves, with big smiles on their faces and feet jumping about. Much fun was had by all on this trip, pupils learnt, danced and painted their way into educating themselves further on Malaysian culture.


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