Shell Team Building in Desaru 2022

On Friday 2nd September, Shell pupils embarked on a team building day in Desaru. Accompanied by their House Masters and Mistresses, pupils enjoyed a host of activities on the beach, aimed at encouraging teamwork and communication. 


After arriving, pupils jumped into the first of many practical activities. The challenges completed by Shell were focused on different aspects of team building and competition; working together to win. In one challenge, Houses were pitted against each other to see who was most able to coordinate a water pistol attack on table pucks. Pupils had to tactically structure their attack to ensure the water pistols operated at maximum efficiency, even if this occasionally meant spraying their fellow teammates or rival houses. The losers of this task, Butler, then lined up to get hosed down by their fellow classmates, in the true spirit of friendship.


Despite the rain that descended upon us at midday, activities continued well into the afternoon. Fuelled by a spectacular barbeque that was arranged for lunch, Shell embarked upon an exciting end to the day-  banana boat rides in the South China Sea. Pupils had the option of a banana boat, inflatable sofa or tube. All emerged dripping wet but with huge grins on their faces, true evidence of fun had by everyone.

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