Promenade Concert 2022

On Saturday 23rd September the Marlborough College Malaysia community joined together for a celebration of music. Our Promenade Concert was performed by our most talented music pupils and scholars over a range of instruments: wind, strings, brass and percussion. 


This was an opportunity for pupils to perform for parents, beaks and their peers. The repertoire was a selection of pieces from concerts which took place in front of smaller audiences last year and newly rehearsed works specifically learned for the occasion. The evening began with solo performances from pupils playing the violin, piano and the Chinese guzheng. As the night progressed, pupils performed in a variety of ensembles before the closing performance of the MCM Symphony Orchestra and their rendition of the main theme from “Medal Of Honour: Above and Beyond”. 


Pieces played over the evening were written by artists throughout the centuries. Beethoven’s Presto alla tedesca from Sonata in G was played early on in the programme by pianist, Elisa See. This gave way to a more modern musical taste with pieces from Blackpink and Imagine Dragons in an instrumental trio performance.  


The MCM Symphony Orchestra closed the evening with 38 pupils playing more than a dozen instruments in an arrangement by Director of Music, Mr Watkins. Guests left with the sounds of MCM fresh in their minds and with new knowledge of the truly exceptional music performed by pupils across the College.


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