Melaka Art Trip | Sixth Form

On the 21st September, 14 IB Art pupils travelled to Melaka for a day of art experiments, learning and fun. The day provided an experience that broadened their artistic minds and allowed them to paint in a different environment, using techniques and styles they have not previously explored.

Pupils arrived at Court with their art kit, ready for the day ahead. Once we arrived, pupils were treated to a live painting class by watercolour master Tham Siew. Tham Siew has been painting for over 40 years and has been awarded the Malaysia Watercolour Society Award. It was truly an honour for pupils to learn from him, and a unique experience to see him paint.

He taught pupils how to control watercolours, give the impression of movement and how to manipulate detail in their artwork. Mr. Clements, MCM’s Head of Senior School Art, then revealed one of the surprises of the trip; pupils would have an hour or so to paint a landscape of the Melaka River to be judged by Tham Siew himself. Pupils threw themselves into the activity, using techniques and ideas learnt from the painting demonstration.

We then proceeded with the artwork to Tham Siew’s gallery, a place of tranquillity and calm, an aspect of art that the pupils thoroughly enjoyed and respected. After much consideration from Tham Siew, four students’ work was selected as particularly exceptional and were gifted books and prints of his work. Pupils were then shown around the gallery, exploring its secret rooms, Tham Siew’s own working space and his sketchbooks from the past 40 years. It was a truly exceptional and original experience, and one that pupils will learn from and treasure in the future.

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