Ivy House Award 2022 | Sixth Form

This academic year brings with it many new and exciting opportunities for Lower Sixth pupils with the introduction of the Ivy House Leadership Award to Marlborough College Malaysia. This highly acclaimed award focuses on the nurturing and development of self-awareness, confidence and leadership skills that will be used in school, university, business and beyond.

The award, introduced in 2015, has taught over 8,000 pupils in the UK as well as executives in multinational corporations how to cultivate leadership skills, address issues in a professional manner and network with others. Now, in partnership with Marlborough College Malaysia, Ivy House aims to provide professional-level training to pupils before university, ensuring that when they work in positions of power and responsibility, they have the correct skills to lead effectively.

Ivy House works with large corporations in the UK and throughout the world, such as Sony, Deloitte and Google. Their training is similar to the programme for schools, focusing on related aspects of leadership, communication and interpersonal skills.

Mrs Tomlinson, Mr Cowie and Mrs Heather Stevens will be assisting the implementation of the Ivy House Award throughout the Lower Sixth, encouraging pupils to undertake the award and improve key aspects of their leadership skills. MCM will provide adequate time over 20 sessions to complete the award by the end of the academic year. The Ivy House Award is a programme MCM hopes to continue far into the future, preparing our pupils for the responsibilities of leadership in any situation.

For more information, please follow the link below to take you to the Ivy House website:

The Award

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