Hundred Marketing Mix 2022

Since the commencement of the Michaelmas Term, Hundred pupils have been undertaking a project in preparation for the Year 11 Marketing Mix. The session aims to help pupils apply their marketing skills to a product of their choice and present their pitch to the class and a member of the MCM marketing team. 


Mrs. Baker led the session, ensuring the presentations focused on the four P’s of marketing: price, product, place and promotion. All groups conducted excellent pitches covering topics from marketing electric scooters in a new and sustainable way, to inventing an original product of detachable pockets, aptly named Attacha Pocket


Students designed eye catching presentations, created brand logos and ethos as well as constructing a social media presence for their product. Some groups even came up with a catchy theme song or jingle to truly capture the audience’s attention. After all the groups had presented, and after much deliberation, Skrt! were awarded the prize for best presentation, and Attacha Pockets won the overall prize for best marketing plan. Having taken into account all aspects of the four Ps, designed a brilliant logo and devised an excellent pricing strategy,  Attacha Pockets certainly deserved the win. 


This project provides the opportunity for pupils to consolidate and expand their knowledge of marketing essentials. Applying this to a more practical scenario is a brilliant way for pupils to get a taste of what may be required of them in a future project or even for their career. 



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