Hundred Geography Trip 2022: A Pupil Report

From the 26th to the 28th of September, the Hundred Geography pupils took a 3-day trip to Kota Tinggi and Mersing to carry out essential urban and river fieldwork for our IGCSE Geography course. 


After the departure from school, we arrived at Kota Tinggi where we carried out river sampling in Sungai Pelepah to obtain primary quantitative data such as the river depth and velocity. Quickly learning from various mistakes from Site 1, we improved our accuracy in Site 2, located further upstream. At the end of the day, we gathered at the resort to discuss the data we collected and prepare for the next day. 


On Day 2, we first took a tour around Kampung Mawar where our group leader talked to us about the local lifestyle. Afterwards, we interviewed a shop owner at Penyabong Jetty, learning about the impact of government development in the area. Our day also featured a kayak trip to Teluk Nyor, a nearby island where we did a short beach clean up whilst learning about sampling techniques. Following that, we hiked through Pulau Mawar to view an arch where we learnt about erosion and rock types. Unfortunately, we could not go further due to the wet weather. Nonetheless, we were lucky enough to have organisers from a marine centre to raise the importance of a ‘no-take zone’ marine beach for sustainability in Malaysia. To end the busy day, we enjoyed a campfire with s’mores, karaoke, laughter and dancing. 


On the final day of the trip, we travelled to the centre of Mersing where we collected both quantitative and qualitative data using questionnaires we drafted the day before. We also utilised other forms of data collection techniques such as the traffic count, building size and land use. We enjoyed a delicious meal before returning to MCM. 


Overall, the trip was an insightful experience. We owe the Radiant Retreats many thanks for spending their time organising this trip and helping us with carrying out our fieldwork. Not only them, but our beaks Mr Duncan, Mr Ogilve and Ms Lyle for putting so much effort into making our trip enjoyable and educational.


Written by Panithraa, Emily S, Angelina, Sophie S

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