House Spirit Day Michaelmas 2022

The Marlborough College Malaysia community united once again on Friday 23rd September to celebrate House Spirit Day. This day represents an opportunity for pupils to wear their House colours to school, practise their House Shout and perfect their House banners.

Activities ran throughout the day in Prep and Pre-Prep with pupils eagerly joining in the various art and music pursuits. As lessons began early in the morning, a One Direction song could be heard faintly in the near distance. This was Hunt practising their House Shout, a song sung as well as possible by the various Houses. All Houses were able to practise their shout as the Prep building became a cacophony of sound.

Pupils then began brainstorming ideas for their House banners that are used throughout the year at House events. Seymour sketched its famous lion design, whereas Merlin got creative by using paint handprints to produce a signature green ‘M’. An excellent day was had by all; now the wait begins for next week’s House matches.

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