House Football | Year 7 – Sixth Form

Wednesday 31st August brought about the first House event of the year: House Football. This spectacular event, held on the vast pitches of MCM, took place over two days and featured students from Year 7 to Sixth Form. House events are exceedingly important to the MCM community as they bring together students and staff throughout all year groups to compete in their Houses.

Unfortunately, there was a slight hiccup in how the Year 7 – Shell football would run due to a good old Malaysian downpour, however, the matches were simply moved indoors. The rain didn’t dampen the determination of the younger pupils though with matches being played with house ferocity and spirit.

Despite some commiserations, all students played exceptionally well, showing good team spirit and getting involved with every aspect of the competition. Music could only just be heard across the field over the sounds of pupils’ cheers.

The all-important scores came later in the week in school assemblies. These bring the overall house scores up to date. For the girls’ matches, Wallace stormed ahead winning first place, closely followed by Steel, Butler and lastly Honan. For the boys’ matches, an even closer competition was run. Thompson came first with 18, Munawir second, followed closely by Sheppard and finally Wills. Wallace and Thompson are the houses to look out for this year, making strides ahead of the others!

A huge congratulations to all those who participated, and a special thanks to all the PE and Estates staff who made the tournament possible.

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