Hockey Festival

A long-anticipated Hockey Festival took place on the grounds of Marlborough College Malaysia on  23rd September. Three teams played against Jay Bee Hockey teams in a wonderful show of skill, teamwork and friendship. 


As the sun blazed down on the vast astroturf pitches of MCM, the first team to play, the Under-13s, could be seen warming up on the pitch. Many spectators surrounded the pitches under marquees to shelter from the sun. The Under-13s teams played spectacularly, developing their skills and technique throughout the matches. They lost the first match by 1-0, but slowly brought it back, winning the final matches 3-0 and 7-0. This is a great success and testament to the determination and drive of the team. 


A similar attitude could be seen in the Under-16s; however the competition grew much harder. After a shaky start, the team scored their first goal in the second third, their only one of the match, however our goal keeper performed incredibly, saving many goal attempts from Jay Bee. 


The Under-18s faced perhaps the hardest competition of the festival, however, hockey coach Mr. Eaton-Jones spurred on the pupils to try their hardest and to compete as a team. The match came in waves of victory and defeat for MCM; regardless, pupils continued to push harder to secure themselves a draw of 2-2. Spectators from both teams stayed to watch all matches to completion, cheering from the sidelines. It was an excellent day for all involved.



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