Start of Michaelmas Term 2022

Today, 23rd August 2022, Marlborough College Malaysia welcomed all pupils to the new academic year. Not only is this Michaelmas Term an exciting time for pupils, many seeing their friends again after weeks and bubbling with anticipation for another year of learning, it also marks a particularly special year in the life of the College. It has been ten years since the formation of MCM in 2012. To mark our tenth anniversary, many events have been planned, ready for children to be back in classrooms, on PE fields and in theatres once again.


Pupils were greeted by the Master, Mr Stevens, and by Mr Glynn, Mrs Eaton Jones and Mrs Lockyer throughout the school. Although a rainy day, neither pupils nor staff had their school spirits dampened while children poured into their new classrooms, ready for the year ahead. 


Senior School pupils were addressed by the Master in an assembly, the first one in over two years. He spoke of community, friendship and hope to children undertaking their IB and IGCSE exams this year. Being the best version of yourself in every aspect of life, educationally, socially and personally, was also an inspiring message in his speech, heard by pupils beginning a new stage in their lives. 


Mrs Eaton Jones led the Prep and Pre-Prep assemblies, recalling stories of summer holidays and introducing new staff. Marlborough’s pupil body has continued to grow, welcoming new pupils from across the globe, all of whom are a little nervous but excited to join at such a special time in the life of the College. Pre-Prep cheers for the new year could be heard across the school, all pupils ready for a new and exciting year.

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