Sponsored Spell and Scurry | Year 2

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the Marlborough College Malaysia Online programme included opportunities for the pupils to listen to external speakers and participate in virtual visits.

Some of these virtual experiences were so engaging that they have become permanent features in our curriculum. One such experience was the virtual visit by the Cornish Plastic Pollution Coalition (CPPC) based in Cornwall, UK, for our Year 2 pupils. The CPPC is a voluntary organisation that conducts education work, beach cleaning, litter picks, wildlife monitoring and citizen science. The visit helps the pupils form a greater awareness of the impact of plastic pollution globally as part of their study on plastic pollution.

Following the visit, the pupils planned a fundraising activity to show their support for the organisation. This year’s cohort of Year 2 pupils joined forces with the Year 3 pupils, who experienced the tour last year, and took part in a sponsored ‘spell & scurry’ raising an impressive RM3500 for The Cornwall Wildlife Trust.

The pupils and staff were delighted to receive this special thank you from the CPPC. https://youtu.be/BOCHzrF_cM0

“The children were brilliant and really attentive during the whole session. Their questions and answers showed their interest in this hugely important subject.” CPPC

MCM is fully committed to protecting our environment, is the only school to engage in the Precious Plastics Programme of recycling, and MCM’s Outreach organises regular litter clearances of the Desaru Coast beaches.

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